Making this website

Quite a few people have asked me how I made this website. I use a javascript framework called Nextra. It allows you to write your content in Markdown. When coupled with Git and CI/CD, publishing is just a "git push" away.


The speed and workflow from "idea to publish" needs must be fast and smooth. Many times new ideas would form in my head, but the friction of incrementally writing content would get in the way. Writing content should be a simple as opening VSCode and writing Markdown.

Tech Stack:

Works great!

Open VS code. Write some content in Markdown. Git push. Done.


  • Write MDX (Markdown+JSX file format), git push, done.
  • Automatically creates routes and table of contents from .MDX file
  • Can intergrate React content when it makes sense
  • The website can be prerendered


  • Forking the base Nextra theme for customization is difficult. They are working on it.